A Turn of the Wheel, Checks & Balances, Vintage and decorative paper collage on 1930’s English bank check, 7.5″ x 4″,2018

September 11th, 2019

This piece features a bit of decirculated Mexican currency with Aztec symbols, which always put me in mind of the apocalypse because of the tremendous fall of their society and their predictions about the end of the world. Audubon’s Raven stands upon the wheel of life, perhaps spinning it. I’ve always loved members of the Corvine family; they are such intelligent birds with quite a lot to say. I’m also a fan of Edgar Allen Poe’s writing and the many myths that feature crows and ravens as messengers and omens. Here the Raven cries out in defiance of time and the certainty of death represented by the feet in corpse position in the right-hand corner.

This one seemed appropriate to post today as we mark the 18th anniversary of 911.

This piece is part of my current exhibition “Milagros in My Pocketbook” at The Fisher Gallery on view through October 6th, 2019.