Alexandra N Sherman’s art explores the landscape of the mind through a myriad of subjects and mediums. She seeks to give the viewer an intimate experience through works that explore the uncertainty and mystery inherent in life, ourselves and our connections with the world around us. The environment and the need for conservation are underlying themes in her work.

Alexandra’s work depicts the spaces in-between, the seen and unseen, through painterly watercolors, created from her subconscious using pareidolia. Her hand-cut collages and assemblages sourced from antique and vintage ephemera approach these themes from different angles. Each work is a vignette with an ambiguous narrative, which invites the viewer to complete the story by layering their own story on top. Her installations feature found and created objects that shift meaning through context and juxtaposition.

Alexandra grew up and worked in the antiques business, which inspired her love of art and the decorative arts. She has an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in painting and trained in ateliers L’Eclat De Verre and Gold Leaf Studios where she studied framing and the art of cartonnage. Her curatorial experience includes assistant curator for Mobil Corps’ modern art collection, and the curator of The Dadian Gallery.