The Butterfly Effect

The title “The Butterfly Effect” is named after the scientific theory developed by Chaos theory researcher Edward Lorenz in 1963. It states that “nonlinear equations that govern the weather have such an incredible sensitivity to initial conditions, that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could set off a tornado in Texas.”  If we view this with a philosophical lens, the implication is that everything we do has an effect.

I love to watch butterflies flit from flower to flower or navigate air currents. I find watching them to be calming and centering. During the pandemic, I wrote a proposal for an installation of hand-cut butterflies created from recycled aluminum cans, which was cancelled due to covid. I still hope to create the installation somewhere down the road! The small works that you see before you are an offshoot of this project, some made with paper and others with cans.

After two plus years of the pandemic, war, climate change, inflation and political strife I think we need more beauty and affordable original art. These pieces are meant to recall the beauty of watching a butterfly move through space, the flash of their colors, and the elegance of their silhouettes. My butterflies are inspired by the native Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly.